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Our Products

Dispensing Pump Bulk, Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Pump

Sterling Houston LLC specializes in delivering standout quality plastic dispensing pump, plastic pump dispenser, liquid dispenser pump, pump bottle dispenser, sanitizer pump, hand sanitizer dispenser pump, sanitizer bottle pump, We are bulk suppler and wholesaler Our dispensing pump are specially designed for all kind of bottles along with there would be no leakage while

38-400 White Plastic Dispenser Pump

The 38 – 400 white plastic dispenser pump is mainly suitable for large containers. Its tube size ranges from 9 to 11 inches making it a perfect fit for individuals for high product usage. Due to liquid dispenser pump’s large size, it may not fit small or regular-sized bottles. You may find dispensing pump primary usage in spas, gymnasiums, leisure centers where shampoos and other liquid-based products are used in high frequency. If the tube is too big for the bottle chosen, it should be cut into the correct chamber size.

Dispensing Pump 24-410 ON/OFF Black

The Dispensing Pump 24-410 is utilized in small containers due to its short tube length. It contains a 4-inch dip tube which is very suitable for small travel-friendly containers. Its size makes dispensing pump convenient enough to carry it in purses or small bags. The diameter of the sanitizer bottle pump tube varies with the liquid thickness inside the chamber bottle. Due to its elegant color, black, and structure, it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You can make dispensing pump bulk order that is convenient for everyone who would like to purchase.

Dispensing Pump 24-410 White Plastic

The Dispensing Pump 24-410 contains a 7.08 inches pump tube. Its leading utility is in medium-sized hand wash or sanitizers. This Pump bottle dispenser can be used in households or corporate workspaces as well. Its color, being white, fits its usage well. The following type is increasing in popularity after the pandemic due to the increasing need for hand sanitizers and similar products. The prices are quite affordable as you can buy dispensing pump wholesale rate in all over United States.

Dispensing Pump, 28-410, White Plastic

The Dispensing Pump 28-410 variant is easy to use and has a pump tube of 8 inches. These sanitizer bottle pump economic nature makes it suitable to be used in daily hand-wash. Dispensing pump has a good pump intake of 2 ml, making it possible to have a large liquid intake. Dispensing pump color white, represents the design in a simple and orderly manner, making it very suitable for medical and cosmetic purposes.

Our Dispensing Pumps Features

Neck size: It is essential to know the bottleneck size as a dispenser of the wrong size will be challenging to use and might cause spills. At Sterling Houston, we provide various sizes – 38/400, 28/410, 24/410. Select a size that will fit your bottle perfectly.

Pump dose: just like neck size, pump doses also offer a multitude of choices. They have several dosage options like 0.5ml, 0.12ml, 0.28ml, 1.4ml and 2.0ml. While these are the popular dosing amounts, other variables are also available. Depending on product specifications like expected usage, bottle capacity, cost of the content, etc., choose an appropriate dispenser pump. We recommend contacting us before placing a purchase order to ensure that the pump fits the bottle of your choice well.

The material used: To extend the product’s longevity and durability, our pumps are made of high-grade materials and are of superior quality. The tops are made of high-caliber plastic that is sturdy and tough.

Tube length: The long plastic tube is extending from the pump to the bottom of the bottle is usually made of plastic and transparent. They are attached to the piston’s pump and enable the liquid to flow upwards and out of the head. Depending on the viscosity of the fluid, the diameter of the tube is chosen. We offer tubes of the following sizes: 8 inches, 83/4 inches, 7.08 inches, 9 inches, 11 inches, 4 inches. The length can be modified or customized to fit your bottle.

Price: A good business always goes for the best quality, never compromises. There is often a misconception that high-quality products are supposed to be expensive. That is far from the truth. At Sterling Houston, we provide high-quality Plastic dispensing pumps for a price that doesn’t lighten your pockets. Our products promise quality at a reasonable rate.

Who We Are

About the company

Based in USA, Sterling Houston LLC is the dispenser pump supplier and manufacturer in Texas and provides reliable, high-quality, cost-effective dispensing pumps. The products undergo several stages of design and testing to ensure that the quality matches the international standards. Due to our tailor-made designs and custom finish, the products rank among the top in the state of Texas. Our hand sanitizer dispenser pump is clinically safe and we are a large supplier of high-quality dispensable pumps. Furthermore, we offer delivery services for clients residing in Houston, Texas (up to a radius of 500 miles).

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