Increase in Use During Covid 19

Contactless technology is the need of the hour in Covid 19. The disease mainly spreads through contact, and once the chain starts, it seems impossible to curtail it. Hence in such situations, a mechanism that assists in less physical contact is appreciated and preferred. The constant demand for hand sanitizer has tremendously increased during Covid 19. But the need for Dispensing pump bottles has risen to such an extent that people prefer bottle dispensers to normal hand sanitizing bottles. The bottleneck size varies with the height and width of the desired color of one’s choice, making the products attractive with a luxury tinge. For commercial use, these are visible in all shopping malls, gyms, and other entertainment centers after Covid 19 lockdown. Since Covid 19 is easily spread from one person to another, it use ensured that the sanitizing liquid could be transferred without touching the other person’s hands.

Foot-operated Pumps

To curb the spread of corona virus when used from the same bottle, a foot-operated was discovered. In all public places where people move and gather in large numbers, these foot-operated sanitizer were used. The liquid was ejected simply by pressing the pedal with the foot. The mechanism is contact-free and hence was preferred in a lot of areas during the pandemic. Further, the mechanism is extremely user-friendly and doesn’t require any significant thinking process to operate. It is cost-efficient and portable as well. Nowadays, the item is very prevalent and can be seen in many places. This includes shopping malls, parks, stations, and so on. 

Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

The smart sensor of the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser reduces the spread of germs where the sensor automatically triggers the hand-kept underneath the machine without touching the dispenser bottle.

During the pandemic, companies ordered dispensers in bulk and personal usage. Not just for sanitization purposes, but installations in restroom areas in many spaces. There is a steep increase in soap dispensers. The anticipated growth for soap dispensers is approximately 13.5%. This vertical growth is mainly due to concerns about hand hygiene throughout the world. The popularity of this mechanism is increasing day by day due to its easy usage and germ prevention.

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